RSDC-Regional Skill Development Council

The central and state government have made considerable effort to enhance the skill of the youth there continues to be a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled workforce. This is magnified by the fact that with a population of a billion plus people and majority in the average age of 25 years nearly 300 million are underemployed or unemployed. On the other side industry is in acute shortage of skilled labour. This clearly highlights that most of our population is under skilled and therefore unemployable. The Regional Skill Development Council (RSDC) has been established with a primary objective to enhance skills of youth of India to meet the growing demand of modern industrialization in India.

A division of Vednta, Regional Skill Development Council of India is training institute, dedicated to providing short-term programmes for professionals in corporate/life skills, project management, operational excellence, and people skills. Our mission is to train people in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Services, Engineering and Construction sectors. We are committed to delivering Skills Programmes for students in school, youth, trainers, and working professionals for career growth.

All training courses, specialised seminars and workshops are conducted in collaboration with the leading companies and institutions. RSDC strives to develop and deploy effective training courses to meet specific needs.

India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. The economic growth of the country is leading to a surge in demand for more engineers, management graduates, computer engineers, and many other professionals. Given the huge opportunity in the sector, there is a growing trend of private sector participation. According to a recent FICCI report on the private sector's participation in the Indian higher education, the country has displayed impressive growth over the last decade to become one of the world's largest systems of higher education.

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